Dale Winchester and Associates

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Dale Winchester and Associates was founded in 1986 on the idea that better irrigation design would provide a better golf course.

We have now been proving that theory for 20 years. We have designed irrigation systems and pump stations on over 300 golf courses on 5 continents.  We have worked with the world’s leading golf course architects and on some of the world’s finest courses.

We are one of the few independent consultants in the industry and we pride ourselves on putting the owner’s interests first. We have great relations with the leading irrigation equipment manufacturers and we will make sure that our designs provide the industry’s best equipment combined with a user friendly design that makes operation and maintenance easy and efficient for the superintendent and his staff.

In 2002, Dale Winchester and Associates created a new division for commercial, municipal and residential irrigation design. We can now handle all of your irrigation design needs for your park, church, cemetery, resort or business park with the same quality work as we have provided to the golf industry for years.

Irrigation is our passion and we feel that we do it better that anyone in the world. Put us to the test and we promise the best irrigation design money can buy.